I-V-W GmbH & Co. KG



Recording Objects / Inventory

  • Physically taking inventory of the plant and equipment
  • Physically taking inventory of the goods in stock
  • Recording digital photos
  • Backing up or securing objects

Appraisal Reports

  • Specially according to terms of clients
  • Preparing appraisals with the help of the most modern EDP technology and software
  • Assessing the object according to their special market situation, applying own internal object database
  • Determine the selection and rejection
  • Submit appraisal in desired file format

Other Services

  • Publish selection rights as presented by the respective client
  • Review the current assets for possible retention of title
  • Back up of EDP Data
  • Securing records and archiving
  • Clearing construction sites
  • Waste management
  • Record meter reading (gas, water, electricity)
  • Return accommodations to the respective owner


  • Conducting auctions
  • Private sales
  • Sales by highest bidder
  • Complete sale

List of Results

  • Real time and EDP supported statement
  • Submission of statement in desired file format